Forming Kaggle Team


I am forming a team to compete in Kaggle competitions and wanted to ask if anyone is interested in joining.

Team size planned: 3 to 4 people
Background: Passionate about learning and using data science.
Location: No preference, as long as it is convenient to collaborate.

My background:
30 years of work experience mainly in program management, business development and customer success management. Quit career in 2016 from a executive management position to learn data science and coding. Once again started a job to pay rent, but most evenings and nights I study.

Have excellent business process knowledge especially in supply chain, HR and some knowledge of finance. Good knowledge of math, Python, R and popular Python packages. Some knowledge of Keras and current student of DL v3. Completed the ML course. Fully self-taught.

Location: San Francisco, CA


Please message me on Linkedin or here if you want to discuss.

Hi! Drop me a line if you are still interested in forming a kaggle team. I want to start with clouds competition even when it is close to finish. Just want to learn! :smiley: