Floyd - alternative to AWS P2 instance

(Rafal Kijewski) #38

I only used Tensorboard for offline viewing (after the job has finished).
I used Tensorboard callback from Keras to generate data to “/output” folder, then you can download the data and run Tensorboard locally:

tensorboard --logdir=path/to/log-directory

This is not ideal if you want real time visualization, but you can always check logs of the running job for some statistics. Maybe there is a better way.

(Rohit Sehgal) #39

I am new to this course and machine learning to. How can i setup my local machine with a gpu to start course? Is there any way to do it?

Which steps would change if I use Papersace or Floydhub?
(Alexander Agha) #40

A bit late to the party but one of the text embedding datasets would certainly be nice, like the Glove Word vectors…

(nate) #41

Floydhub looks like it will be the future of ML, it’s very easy to use and setup (I figured out pretty much everything immediately, and I am a ML novice). Problem for me was that the version of keras they have on their theano instances was old, and I had no end of trouble trying to make it work. This would be fine if I knew what I was doing with keras and ML, because then I could just rewrite the scripts, which I did, but then it threw some other error and I gave up (for now). I expect to be back soon though because it seems like Floydhub is very promising

(Qingping Hou) #42

Hi! We released a new set of theano images with keras 2.0.3 installed. You can try it out by passing --env theano-0.9 or --env theano-0.8 to the run command. We will be updating the documentation soon to pick up all the new images including tensorflow-1.2.

(Sai Prashanth Soundararaj) #43

@natedl98 Please update your CLI (pip install -U floyd-cli) and try the new environments that @houqp mentioned above

(nate) #44

Awesome, can’t wait to try them out! Considering I just last used FloydHub like a couple weeks ago, y’all must be moving at a fast pace- very nice work

FloydHub is YC, correct?

(Sai Prashanth Soundararaj) #45

Thanks! Yes, we were in the last (W17) YC batch :slight_smile:

(gerard) #46

Hi Sai

I’m using this guide but i have some errors, any idea?

import utils; reload(utils)
from utils import plots

WARNING (theano.sandbox.cuda): CUDA is installed, but device gpu is not available  (error: Unable to get the number of gpus available: no CUDA-capable device is detected). Using Theano backend.

(gerard) #47

Hi Sai
Do you know why this error appears?

import utils; reload(utils)
from utils import plots

WARNING (theano.sandbox.cuda): CUDA is installed, but device gpu is not available (error: Unable to get the number of gpus available: no CUDA-capable device is detected). Using Theano backend.

(Sai Prashanth Soundararaj) #48

There is no error :slight_smile:

What you see is the previously saved notebook. When you actually run the cell, you should see:

Using cuDNN version 5110 on context None
Preallocating 10867/11439 Mb (0.950000) on cuda
Mapped name None to device cuda: Tesla K80 (0000:00:1E.0)
Using Theano backend.

(Susan Li) #49

Hi, I just signed up, but when I login, my browser did not open so I did not get an authentication token. Can you please help? Thanks


(Susan Li) #50

Never mind, I was able to figure it out. But now I am having problem uploading data, is it because my trial 3600 seconds ran out? My jupyter notebook has become “404”.



is there any chance that you’ll offer the free 100h trial again (or perhaps something similar)?

(Susan Li) #52

I am having the same issues with Floyd on uploading data. What did you end up using? I’m having “Segmentation fault (core dumped)” problem with AWS when downloading dogscats data. So frustrated.

(Sai Prashanth Soundararaj) #53

If you don’t have access to a browser for floyd login, please use the --token flag. See http://docs.floydhub.com/commands/login/

(Sai Prashanth Soundararaj) #54

Our 100 hours free promotional plan has ended. We are working on a new pricing plan, including a new free tier that should be out in a couple of weeks!

(Sai Prashanth Soundararaj) #55

Sorry to hear you’re facing problems with the data upload. What exactly are you seeing? Any logs or screenshots would be helpful. You can also reach out to us: support@floydhub.com

We are aware that our data uploads are slow and we are actively working on fixing this!

(Prasad Chalasani) #56

Loving Floydhub so far.

@sai @narenst

I have a question about downloading data-sets from AWS S3. My PyTorch models are trained on huge amounts of data that we generate using a Spark process and dump to an AWS S3 location. My Python code loads files of data from there on-demand. Of course when I try to do that from the Floyd instance, it fails because it is not authorized to access my AWS S3 data.

How do you guys suggest getting around this? I think your data-set creation workflow is only for uploading data from my local computer. But it would be great to support downloading from an AWS S3 bucket, and if the bucket has access restrictions, there should be a way to supply the necessary credentials (secret/access key).

Once I know how to do this, I can switch my workflow to Floydhub

(Vikrant Behal) #57

Hi All,

I’m new to DL and very new to most of the software mentioned in the setup video so I’ve a doubt with respect to environment setup if we prefer Floyd.

For AWS we’ve steps that we’ve to follow to setup environment before we proceed with course. I wanted to know if anyone here has chosen Floyd and can provide which all steps I’ve to alter and where can I find altered commands?

@sai, Does Floyd provides any document or help guide on which commands I’ve to run in place of AWS while configuring environment using Floyd?