[Fixed]Nbdev sidebar doesn't scroll


I’ve created a large repo using nbdev (timeseriesAI/tsai).

So far my opinion on nbdev couldn’t be better. It’s a really very productive way to work!!

I’ve found an issue with the docs though that is that I can’t scroll the sidebar which prevents me from getting to the bottom of it. I have not changed any of the settings for sidebar, so custom_sidebar = False.

Can anyone please help me with this?

I haven’t been able to fix this issue, but I’ve found a workaround.
I’ve created a custom sidebar using https://github.com/fastai/fastai/blob/master/docs_src/sidebar.json as an example. This creates a collapsible sidebar and it makes access to each of the docs much easier.
I don’t have any experience developing websites, but it seems quite easy. If you are interested you can see the result here. Here’s the custom sidebar.json I created.