Finish 2019 course or just restart with 2020?

Am about half way through part 1 of the 2019 course, and see the new version was released today.

  1. Anyone got any ideas whether it would be worth completing 2019 course still? Or am I better off just moving straight to 2020 course and starting from scratch?

  2. I assume a part 2 of the 2020 course will also be released at some point?

  3. Lastly, I see that the previous bottom up course on machine learning (cant quite remmeber what it was called), that was on fastai website seems to have disappeared. Is this material now just supposedly all covered in the Deep Learning for Coders 2020 course?


I would recommend restarting with part 1 2020. It will be much easier going through the lessons though, because much of the material is similar (with minor API differences) but there is also a lot of extra material worth checking out. I took both v3 and v4 and both were quite useful, but v4 was likely more comprehensive in my opinion.
Unfortunately, there is no plan for a part 2 of the course. But similar material is present in the book (even part 1 is just based on the book chapters) so reading the whole book would be additional preparation for an upcoming part 2!
Indeed, my understanding is that most of the ML course material is included in this new course. So that’s why the previous course has been removed.


I would suggest complete part 1 of 2019, then restart with part 1 of 2020. I also completed part 1 of 2019, and was mid-way in part 2 of 2019. But now, I restarted part 1 of 2020, to become familiar with the latest changes and also, after this, maybe we can get a better picture of part 2 2019.


I recommend re-starting with part 1 2020. There’s a lot to learn here and you’ll find more support on the forums around the current course.

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