FileNotFoundError: /models/model.pth

I am getting following error at the end of first epoch:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/SOME PATH/models/model.pth'

I have made sure that SOME PATH exists. Moreover, I am running same code on other PC and it is running perfectly. However, I am trying to run same code on Virtual Machine this time. I am training the model from beginning, there is no pre-trained model. Moreover, I have specified the path in Learner also.
Any help is appreciated.

I guess you were using a learner.load but there is not model.pth overthere.

I am not using learner.load.

I have solved the problem by upgrading fastai from 1.0.60 to 1.0.61.
However, I don’t know that why 1.0.60 is creating problem. The same code is working without any problem after upgrading.