FileLink will not work for absolute paths

I tried to save a kaggle submission csv file inside the path of the dataset.

When I used :


shows a link, but clicking on the link yields a file not found error.

It seems this is a limitation of FileLink. It cannot accept absolute paths.

Any workaround?

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Yeah…I think it’s because it needs to be within the path from where you started the Jupyter Notebook. You can create a sym link in the Terminal like
ln -s /home/haider/.fastai/data/plant_seedlings/subm/subm_1_ubt_fastai1.csv plant_seedling_subm1.csv

Then you can do FileLink(’plant_seedling_subm1.csv’) and download the file from Jupyter notebook.


That’s a good idea. Thanks!

Or even just:

ln -s ~/.fastai/data

That way you can use data/ paths in your notebook.