Hi guys, i was using blogpost for quite a time. While going throught the fastai course, i came to know the fastpages which is super exciting. I decided to stick with one. Should i use my blogpost or here after i started using the fatpages?. I am so confused, Help me take a right decision.

My blog:

I like fastpages that automatically convert jupyter notebook, markdown, and even Word to blog posts.

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Take the path of least resistance. The point is to blog. Not which technology you use to blog. If blogspot works for you, and it’s much easier for you to keep expressing yourself, then use that. Take a look at web pages by Paul Graham, Donald Knuth, Leslie Lamport. These are simple html pages by people who are giants in their respective fields.

Point being: it doesn’t matter. Just express yourself and help others.

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Thanks, Its really helpfull