[fastpages] Using images in About page?

I’m trying to add an image in the About section of my fastpages blog. While it renders fine in the about.md file on Github after committing it, it won’t actually render on the blog itself (see below). Can we use images in the “about” page?


About page https://morganmcg1.github.io/ntentional/about/ :

Store the image in images/ and use an absolute path

GitHub preview is not the right way to develop locally there is a way described in the README to preview the blog locally

You need to provide a link to the actual file not a screenshot to troubleshoot otherwise it’s impossible to help

Thanks, I think I messed something else up as there were errors with the Github actions for building the site, so I deleted the repo and started again.

Will have a look at developing locally too thanks.

For future folks, this image path worked perfectly to display an image in my About page:

![]({{site.baseurl}}/images/mountain.jpg "Lets go up!")


Thank you very much. That’s works for me!

If you save the image to a folder in the and link to it, that should work fine.