[Fastpages] New feature request

Aakash requested in twitter for the option to introduce claps and views in fastpages similar to medium.com.
Will it be possible?

source: https://twitter.com/A_K_Nain/status/1239217782736080902

Not a way that I know of to add claps or surface page views for readers to see ( at least in a secure way that doesn’t expose your credentials, or in a way that doesn’t involve tons of setup), but you can track page views.

For claps instead of exposing credentials, can’t we just emualate the clap effect as mentioned in this article.

Maybe we can avoid the 50 clap limit of medium, and users can clap as much as they want, avoiding the problem of exposing credentials

I think if someone could make a service that relied on storing data in GitHub as the backend similar to how the comments work, rather than a third party backend that might not be reliable would be the best situation in this scenario.

As someone maintaining this, I would be weary about solutions from third parties that may easily go away or stop working at any moment or that aren’t actively maintained.

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