[fastpages] interactive ipywidgets?

Hey, I’m noticing that the output from a cell that used an “interact” slider in my notebook doesn’t appear at all in the fastpages-generated blog post… which makes sense.

Is there any way to get that working? My guess is no, i.e. not generally, because that would require running a Python interpreter to handle your callbacks, which Jekyll isn’t going to do.

Am I wrong about that – Is there some way to make ipywidgets work? ("Yea, tell people to click the ‘Open in Colab’ link at the top :wink: " ) There is some kind of “Save Widget State” option in nbconvert but I’m not sure how to enable that.

(In my case, I could just render a set of static images and maybe run some kind of JavaScript-based slider in a Markdown cell that shows the images as one moves the slider.)

I don’t think so, but I’m not 100% sure

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For those who come later: One way to do this might be via Voila, i.e., the fastpages blog post itself would be static, but the blog author could add a link such as “For interactive widget use, Click Here to launch in Voila”.

EDIT: More ideas on this topic in Wayne @fomightez’s post on the Binder forum.

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