[Fastpages]Github Actions Error when I push it to my own github pages

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to host my new blog on github pages. I used the same repo by fastpages.
After pushing it to my own repo I’m getting a build error.

When I tried to develop local its working. I don’t know how to solve this one

But in the original blog the checks passed
Here’s the error

It says GitHub Pages failed to build your site.

The tag twitter on line 86 in _posts/2020-01-14-test-markdown-post.md is not a recognized Liquid tag.

What should I do ?

Can you share the full output of your logs ? Refresh your local build environment with

make build

There is some liquid tag that you are using that is breaking

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Here’s the gist of raw error log.

Works fine with local build for me. It only fails in github actions

Build Error Gist