[fastpages] Extremely Frustrating Diagnostics

Does GH actions have no logs?! I have failures since f203d4ce84dcad0281dbdc4bd23a9c1d4d9b0549 in https://github.com/jhermann/blog/commits/master, with not a whiff of a hint why. This is very tedious, and I’m about to give up and use something for humans like Pelican.

Look under the CI -> build-site (in GitHub Actions from the failed commit), you can then see a log with everything that happened. This is the one from your most recent (“no 2nd H1”)

Which shows where the issue is :slight_smile: (let me know if this is not quite what you are talking about though please)

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Yeah, stumbled over it myself after I posted the link to the commit list (“hmm, maybe I can click on that red X…”). Who does these user interfaces?! (answer: Microsoft :smiling_imp:)

If you really wanna sell this as “easy for non-technical users”, there’s lots of work ahead. :wink:

If it works, it is a pleasant experience, but when it fails, not so much.

from : [fastpages] GitHub Pages Blog Using Nbdev

Repeating what I said in the other thread you made with similar comments, when interacting with an open source project:

  • It is a good idea to keep comments constructive
  • Provide information so someone can help you rather than complaining
  • Try to practice some degree of empathy

This type of posting might be counter-productive to your goals.


It’s also a good way to get a suspension (temporary, at first) from the forums. It doesn’t happen often - but that’s because we very rarely see this kind of behavior.


Clicking on the red X in Actions → Push was the key step for me. All my fp posts were being “obstructed” by an error which arose ~ 3 weeks ago when trying to convert a .odt file (LibreOffice) into a .docx (Word) doc. The result is that all my previously failed posts are now successful.