Fastkaggle cannot load paddy doctor data

Hi everyone,
Im trying to replicate Jeremy’s First Steps: Road to the Top, Part 1 in my own notebook in Kaggle. I have agreed the competetion’s rules and accepted the late submission. I copied and pasted the code verbatim as per JH notebook.

I ran a copy of Jeremy’s Part 1 notebook and that ran Ok with the

Grateful for any pointers

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Did you create your Kaggle notebook when you were on the competition page? It should set up with the relevant data copied for you from that.

Hey Allen, thanks for replying.

I think I figured out the issue - with your help. I copied Jeremy’s ‘First Steps Road to the Top Part 1’ before I entered the competition, so I didnt get the option of new notebook, and Kaggle assumed that the copied notebook was my competition notebook. So when I created a notebook from scratch to follow along JH steps, it wouldn’t allow a second dataset.

I deleted the JH notebook and started again - all fine so far

Thanks again

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