Fastai V2 and swift

Reading the roadmap I didn’t see any mention of Swift? What is the plan for V2 and Swift? Will there be V2 just for Swift? Or a brand new V1 just for Swift?

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We have two seperate things here, fastaiv2 for pytorch, and swift for tensorflow. Right now Jeremy et al are working full time on v2, so swift is on the hold at the moment (not the center of attention) until that is up and running and done. Does this help clear some things up?

Not entirely true @muellerzr! :slight_smile: @sgugger has been helping the s4tf team ensure that all is running smoothly over there too as they upgrade the library. We’ve released SwiftAI as part of this development

But yes, we’re largely focused on Python for now, as there’s still things that need to get finished in s4tf before it’s a great option for DL (metaprogramming, MLIR, and TF runtime improvements).


Ah my apologies!!! Glad to hear :slight_smile:

Thank for the answer. This sound like there going to be two track V2 for those who want to stay on Python, and second track for those who want to dip their toes into Swift?

Will it be ready by the winter 19?

Correct :slight_smile:

I don’t think the s4tf bits will be ready for a year or so - but these things are hard to predict!


Thank for your quick answer!

Hi @jeremy @sgugger are there updates on this roadmap now that MLIR is officially released?
This would allow some awesome CoreML integration for the Apple ecosystem as well.
Thank you! :slight_smile: