Fastai v1 questions

I have a few questions regarding FastAI v1 I would appreciate if someone can shed some lights on them in 101 language for Dummies

1- first and the most important one, it seems that in v1 we cannot use quite a few of the pre-trained models that we could use in previous version for example models.resnexct101_64 and models.Inception_v2 are not defined is this true?

2- How we can see the the details of API’s for V1 via VSCode like what Jeremy is showing in lesson 8 for older version of fastai? what is the trick to ge the new version’s APIs?

3- How we can set “batch size” in V1? it seems that there is no such a thing when we define learner or ImageDataBunch
This is what I am receiving when try to set the batch_size =8

data = ImageDataBunch.from_folder(f’{d_path}’, ds_tfms=(tfms, []), valid =‘test’, batch_size(8))

ERROR: positional argument follows keyword argument

in general is there any minimum number of images required per category for training? I am getting also issues when I have 4 image per categories to train on.

Thanks a ton!

@Shahinfar, I think in order to set the batch size you can use bs=8 instead of batch_size(8). You also have a good documentation available at

Thanks @jainds
I appreciate your answer. I am aware of however I could not find the answer to my questions there perhaps due to my beginnerNESS, I would appreciate if you point me into the docs where it says how to use models.Inception_v2 or models.resnext101_64?
Also how to access APIs via VS Code??