Fastai Paperspace GUI Desktop

Does anyone know how i can install ubuntu GUI desktop on fastai paperspace machine. Everything works fine but i am not used to using the terminal and i know it migth be for someone who know how to navigate the terminal commands but I believe Desktop environment would make my life easier for now.

I actually did install using this command using:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

but can’t find a way to start the GUI Desktop.

I haven’t tried it but you can try this

Thanks. This does not solve my problem. But i got hint from there and i could use my local machine from Gitbash to log in paperspace with ssh.
Then i found out a way to export data from my local machine to paperspace using this resource.

I am now set to continue learning. Thanks

Good to hear. I can recommend bitwise ssh. (no affiliation) Its free and has SFTP so you can easily copy files without scp, if you are more comfortable with GUI interaction.

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The majority of your work in this class will be on a jupyter notebook, which will give you a GUI interface. I think you’ll probably spend more time in the terminal trying to get a ubuntu desktop working than you would setting up ssh and jupyter. Once you figure out a few basics, the terminal becomes much less intimidating, and not that different from the coding that you will be doing in this class.

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True. Excactly, I feel it now that i have set up the ssh, every thing works like a charm. Less intimidating actually. Thanks

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