Fastai on AMD GPUs - Working dockerfile


Hey all,

Today I attempted to get working on my AMD GPU at home. The result of this work is a docker image that anyone can use to replicate my setup. It provides fastai and a jupyter notebook with support for AMD GPU acceleration.

In theory, this setup should work on any modern Linux kernel with an appropriate CPU/GPU combo. No additional work needed other than running this docker image.

For example I used a Intel Haswell GPU and a Radeon 480 with Antergos Linux. So far I haven’t run into any issues, but I haven’t run all of the notebooks yet. If you are not usually a Linux user and you want to give this a whirl, I would recommend Antergos or Fedora, since they both usually have recent kernels.

I hope this is helpful to someone, and let me know if there are any problems with this setup.



[Hardware] AMD GPU support

@bgorman Thanks for sharing this. Might give it a spin on my AMD GPU too.
How does the performance you see compare to a NVIDIA consumer GPU?



Also thanks from my part. I got my RX 570 8GB working with on Ubuntu Mate with the docker file. Additionally I had to make the changes described here

and here

for it to work. Strangely my CPU (Ryzen 2700X) seems to be bottlenecking at the moment, so maybe I missed something.
But the GPU is speeding things up measurably compared to CPU only.