Fastai now under Apache license

Now that the fastai library is getting a little more stable and its pip installable, I’ve changed its license from GPL to Apache. That means that it can be used more widely, since many organizations do not allow GPL code.

(If anyone who has contributed code does not want it to be available under the Apache license, please let me know ASAP so I can remove it from the library and replace it with a new version written from scratch.)


That’s awesome. needs to be updated with couple of things -

  1. License over in still says GNU
  2. The Download URL should ideally match the Version. So, it should be fastai-0.6.tar.gz instead of 1.0.tar.gz


Thanks - fixed

What exactly does this require when using fastai? Do we need to know anything when using this especially if doing something for our employers?

Here’s a summary


Awesome! I was concerned about GPL.

Oh wow this is such a neat website :slight_smile: Thx for sharing :slight_smile:

I do not really get the practical implications of using one license vs the other :blush: Seems with apache you do not have to share modifications to the code that you make if you are a business? Is this the big difference vs GPL?

Yup pretty much.

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