Fast pages not creating first PR

Hi all
I am trying to create my fastpages site and I have completed this Step3 of the setup instructions:
3. In some cases because of permissions step 2 may fail to create a Pull Request. If this occurs, go to your repository settings and in the Actions section, grant Read and Write permissions and check `Allow GitHub Actions to create and approve pull requests’
but I still get the failure to create the first PR. I get this error in the Set up Python Step of the Action:

Error: Version 3.6 with arch x64 not found
Available versions:

3.10.10 (x64)
3.11.2 (x64)
3.7.16 (x64)
3.8.16 (x64)
3.9.16 (x64)

What can I do about it?

Fastpages has been archived as a project. If you’re starting a new blog from scratch, the recommendation (see at the top of the README here) is to use Quarto now.

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Oh thank you, the course still refers to fastpages. Much appreciated.

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