Fast ai v2 walkthrough or deep learning for coders part 2

Hey !
I completed part 1 and now I am not clear as to should I go for the walkthrough or part 2 ?

Part 2 is geared towards building the library, and there’s been some changes since that course to how the v2 codebase works, but the ideas and how it all works is extremely valuable. While the code may change, the ideas presented do not. Depending on which v2 you mean (mine or jeremys source code walkthrough), mine wound up being similar to the new Part 1 in many ways (which will come out in the next month or two for the general population). If you mean his source code walkthroughs, they are fantastic for really getting a feel to the internals of fastaiv2. I hope that helps some :slight_smile: I know there’s tons of resources now so it can get confusing :slight_smile:

Thanks !