Fast.AI tests

sorry, if I am duplicating previous topic on this, but I could not find one.
Based on my understanding this is how one setup and run tests which are in tests directory:

cd tests
ln -s ../fastai ./
python -m pytest -v

Also, from guide:

Do not use mock or fake objects.

This does not apply to mocking data, tensors, variables for input - right?

is that correct @mcskinner?

Well they would be real tensor and variable objects - just not using “real” datasets. So we wouldn’t call that “mocking”. Mock objects are where you duplicate (for instance) the tensor API, but don’t actually instantiate a tensor. (Yes it’s just as awful as it sounds :wink: )

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LOL … i loved that wink!

It’s not always that bad (saying that coming from a Java background), if done right and effectively. :slight_smile:

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