on Kaggle

Hi Friends,
So recently I was running Lesson 1 on Kaggle Kernel( So I wanted to change the data and build a model to classify Men and Women.

But Kaggle does not allow you to upload an entire folder instead just files. So should I upload the images one by one if so how to point the ‘PATH’ variable in the right way? I would like if anyone would kindly show me how to get around it.

-Thank You

Kaggle isn’t really meant to be a platform to run things on your very own data. The reason it works for the Cats and Dogs notebook is that the data for that is already from a Kaggle competition, so you can just start a Kaggle kernel and tell it “Hey, I want to use data from this competition”.
If you just need a place to run notebooks for free, you can use Google Colab. And that one at least allows you to upload your own data.