Extract databunch components

While I understand that the databunch concept is to cleanly work through a pipeline of preparation & modeling, I would like to access training and validation DataFrames and perhaps other constituents from dbunch, which is created like this:

dbunch = (TabularList.from_df(df, path=Path.cwd(), cat_names=cats,
                  cont_names=contins,  procs=procs)
              .label_from_df(cols='target', label_cls=FloatList).databunch())

To send to other libraries like scikit-learn’s RandomForestregressor. Is there not an attribute like dbunch.train_df that will do the job?


tabList = TabularList.from_df(...)
dbunch = tabList.split().etc()

Then you can access tabList.inner_df (only when initialized using from_df I assume)