External NVIDEA GPU for Macbook

I would like to access a NVIDEA higher end GPU just as the 2080 TI through the Thunderbolt port for GPU processing for fastai etc.

I do not need the standard eGPU functionality of accelerating the Macbook display.

I keep reading about the lack of uptakes for CUDA / NVIDEA with the newest Mac OS’s, but as I said, I just wanted a means for running a NVIDEA GPU from the Macbook.


AFAIK this is not possible in MacOS mojave, as there are no Nvidia drivers. Mojave will not see the Nvidia eGPU at all.

It was possible with High Sierra, but there are no Turing Nvidia drivers so this would not work with the 2080 Ti.

You could use bootcamp to boot into windows 10, but will be limited to a 4x PCIe thunderbolt 3 connection.

Thank you.

Is there any way at all to have an external NVIDEA 2080 Ti GPU run from a up-to-date Macbook?

Perhaps as a small separate processor and copying the data over the thunderbolt port? Something portable?