Exporting a text_classifier_learner

I have read some posts around the forums about exporting learners and loading them again, and have no trouble doing this. My code to do so is as follows:

learn_classifier.export(model_save_path / "export.pkl")
#Load the model again
learn_classifier = load_learner(model_save_path)

I am working with a text_classifier_learner and as such I first train a language_model_learner, train it on the data, then attach it as an encoder to the text_classifier_learner and finally train on the classification data.

My question is whether the export function for a text_classifier_learner also saves the encoder? Or when you reload it does it use some sort of default encoder.

Edit: Using version 1.0.52

I see no reason for it to not use the right weights for the encoder. The entire model is saved alongside the learner when you do the above.

The saved model size is only 82mb though…seems very small to have a saved encoder as well considering the AWD_LSTM download is about 1.8gb: