Equivalent of add_metrics in fastai2

I’m writing a custom callback and I want it to print some informations about training alongside the losses and metrics after each epoch.

On fastai_v1 it works just fine by using this line of code to add the values uniq, val and novel

def on_epoch_end(self, last_metrics, **kwargs):
    `return add_metrics(last_metrics, [len(val)/self.num_samples, len(uniq)/self.num_samples, len(novel)/self.num_samples])`

But I’m struggling to do the samething using fastai_v2. Is there a similar function to add_metrics?

I was able to modify the metrics_names attribute, but it’s only printing and not showing on the progress table.

  def before_fit(self):
    assert hasattr(self.learn, 'recorder')
    self.recorder.metric_names = L('novel') + self.recorder.metric_names

(#7) [‘novel’,‘epoch’,‘train_loss’,‘valid_loss’,‘accuracy’,‘perplexity’,‘time’]

epoch train_loss valid_loss accuracy perplexity time
0 3.285669 2.951922 0.216797 19.142704 00:08

I think I’m getting closer!
I created a variable run_before = ProgressCallback right after the class definition. Now my result table looks like this:

epoch train_loss valid_loss accuracy perplexity time novel
0 2.824590 2.717227 0.311523 15.138282 00:09
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metrics are stored in learner where are defined seter and getter for them

so you only have to modify learn.metrics property e.g. learn.metrics += your_metric_func

dont modify metric_names , these are inited in recorder.before_fit() method using learn.metric
(so you also should modify metrics somewhere before recorder.before_fit() if you want recorder to show them properly)

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