Easy to deploy free GPU notebooks

Hey folks,

Ok - here’s the easiest and most flexible way to run Fastai with some Free GPU hours. You can now select the Fastai option when you create a project on Onepanel. The other cool feature is that you can also create any number of projects and workspaces on the platform while all the code is under version control.

Here’s the URL: https://c.onepanel.io/onepanel-demo/projects?visibility=1&page=1

Easy to follow steps:

Once the project is created you will see the dashboard and all of latest github files on the </> Code tab:

Next just click on the workspace tab then click create a new workspace and select the Pytorch Image:

Then just wait for the workspace image to be fully built this can take 10-15 mins:

You may get a 502 error until it fully loads this is only about 2 mins or so…

Next click on the “LAUNCH” button to open up a Jupyter Notebook. There is no need to setup anything except for your datasets.

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