Drone for public safety

Hi, I am an university student and currently I am decided to join an international competition and my idea is drone for public safety.

Here is my thought about my idea:

  1. A surveillance camera detect a criminal in a crowd by using face detection and recognition. The system will send the location to the police department.

  2. The system will send a drone to the area and patrol at there. If the drone spots
    the target, it will follow the person and send the current location to the police department. If not, it will patrol at that area.

Here are my questions:

  1. Do you think this project is possible to do it within five months? If yes, where should I find the resources regarding the system send signal to the drone and drone will fly to that area without any control?

  2. There are two options available for me now, simulation or actual drone, so what method should I choose for this project, if it is simulation, what software should I choose? If it is actual drone, what drone should I buy? My budget is around 250USD.

  3. I had contacted with the jury before, he said that I shall make an prototype( an app) . Therefore, does it mean that I don’t really need to make a full- functional system?

Thanks a lot!