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Hi, everyone. I’m a newbie here, enjoying the awesome MOOC.
I’m sorry if this has already been discussed but I haven’t been able to find it:
How do you download files from crestle? Not into crestle (I know I can use wget for that) but from crestle into my own laptop. For example if I want to download a model that I’ve already trained. For example, is there a way to find the crestle ip so I can wgetting from it?

Thank you in advance

Save the model and jupyter does give you option to download the files when you are in the directory where you can see all you notebooks…
Just like the homepage when you first jupyter notebook from the shell for 1st time…
Check the box and download

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Thank you very much, @ecdrid. So, it was that simple :slight_smile:

Another way is to use FileLink('/path/to/file') in the Jupyter Notebook. It returns a direct link to the file you need.

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