Downlaod_images not showing the images in folder

I have created three folders named [“Credit Cards”, “Finger Prints”, “Non-Private”] and downloading the images for the same, the command runs file but when I look inside the folder, only the third category [“Non-Private”] images has been downloaded while the other two categories have empty folder.

The command which I am running is as follows:

for File in file:
  download_images(path/File, dest, max_pics=20, max_workers=0)


The number one problem in the forum is it is not able to download image from google image search.
It has many solutions to fix it. Eventhough you fix it, it will download some wrong images. I suggest you to download the image manually.

Are you running the command for each of the classes separately, one by one?

Because the code uses the same variable for all three classes, if we run the code all at once, files will be downloaded only for the last class.

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I was running the code all at once.

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