Doubt entry in Jekyll Nav Bar items?

Can someone point me to fix the double entry in Nav Bar? I think I’ve messed up something here.


You have those pages in the root and the _pages folder. They should be in _pages

How does the navigation bar gets constructed? I’m not getting why Development Guide is showing up in Navigation bar.


I think for this case it would be better if you created a fresh repo from fastpages and manually copied your posts over. The only markdown file you should have in the root is

I got it In the root I can see multiple *.md files, Hence the duplication I guess. From the previous commit there were not deleted as part of merge.

Yes, when manually merging you have to resolve duplicates yourself. I updated the docs to clarify this via

Just thinking, Is it feasible in future to have developer/fork/github-username specific meta-data for styles or html which could possibly override default FastPages styles/html during build process and could possibly avoid dealing with lots of merges or creating new repo.

Hi @byteshiva! Yes it is possible but would have to refactor the repo. @jeremy mentioned early on that it would be great to have a fastpages theme similar to the minima theme that both fastpages and fast_template could extend. In fact I can imagine at some point rewriting things to work this way instead.

I don’t have enough knowledge of front end / ruby to pull this off with confidence in a reasonable amount of time at the moment, but if someone who is would partner with me then it seems tractable. Perhaps someone from the fastai community who has front end or ruby experience might be inclined ( I know we have people from many different backgrounds so I have a feeling someone like this exists ).

Here is a good starting point

A good first step for personal styling would be an extra “link rel” to a custom.css, after the main.css one in head.html.

The recommended way to customize your styles and themes are outlined here

( This does not involve editing head.html ). I’ll add a link to this in the docs for discoverability