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Hey guys,
a thought just crossed my mind: All of us not in-person participants, let’s honor @Jeremy’s and @Rachel’s hard work by donating and talking about it. I created this thread, so we can motivate each other to donate.
I just started with $250.
Perhaps we could even create a nifty little bar chart summarizing our efforts so far as a web application.
This might make for a pretty simple NLP-related side-project (OK, almost too simple for real NLP, just parse for dollar signs), cause we are data scientists, right?

Go ahead and top me off, please.


+ $250
It is but a small token of my appreciation. I hope I’ll be able to give more soon.


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That’s such a nice idea! Here’s where you can donate to save some people’s sight: . (You’ll need to use the ‘donate with paypal’ button unless you are in Australia).

+200$ from me.

PS: Credit card worked for me even though I’m outside of Australia.


+$250 from me

@iNLyze I like your idea. We could join the program for free and received the education (except of a certificate :slight_smile: )

@jeremy and @rachel thank you very much


Hey, thanks for joining, guys!

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I tried paypal, but that did not go through after filling up paypal. I paid via credit card although I am not in Australia. As someone who was temporarily blind few years ago, I can personally vouch that this is a great gift.


Wow Suresh that must have been really scary!

It was a mountaineering accident and largely self inflicted due to arrogance. (I come from a hot country and I have seen more sun than anyone… losing a sunglass will not kill me. let’s climb… kinda arrogance ).

Luckily I knew what was happening and that it was transient; so I didn’t panic. But I had to stay in pitch dark environment for a week as I was extremely light sensitive. It sure did teach me the importance of eyes and how disorienting life without it is. I couldn’t even pause a audio player on my bed without seeing.

Writing all that makes me want to try densenets on the diabetic retinopathy kaggle contest. Since it is a small(ish) dataset, perhaps we would be better than VGG + finetuning (which is what Google did, albeit with 4x more data)?

I think that’s a great idea - Densenets seem to be SOA on small datasets.

Is this thread still going?
Anyway, I just donated my 2 cents. Well, 25$, but I’ll try to make it monthly for as long as I use

Thanks @jeremy, @rachel


Super!! Thanks, Tiago.

That’s awesome! Hope you’ll be around for a few months :slight_smile:

I’m just starting the 2018 class. I remember the Fred Hollows organization being mentioned in the previous version of the class and just made a small donation. @jeremy If this is still the preferred place to donate while learning computer vision it might be nice to have a little link and explanation to it in the course materials! Perhaps with any suggestions from @rachel for her charity if it differs.


Thanks for initiative @iNLyze because I have no idea about this platform and I am more than happy to contribute.

I will donate 50 dollars monthly, although what you @jeremy, @rachel do for others is it priceless :heart_eyes: ! Thank you! :heart: