I was reading this and wondered about looking at the documentation.

I love that you can access it nicely from the notebook. That’s great for figuring out stuff while in the notebook and GPU is running. But if the GPU isn’t running (and I’m not paying for it while I’m not using it), I assume it’s best to just go to GitHub and look at the docs there?

Thank you!

Hey Ben,

I think I read somewhere that there might be a plan to host the documentation once the asciidoc efforts gathers additional momentum. That will be very nice, I think :slight_smile:

I would also consider pulling the code from github and navigating around it on your machine locally with an editor of your choice. If you don’t have a preference in this area I think the flavor of choice atm might be visual studio code. A decent editor should make it much easier for you to jump between tags, etc vs accessing the code via github (at least none of the browser plugins people suggest for navigating code on github seem to have worked well for me).

It takes a bit of an extra effort to learn the ropes of the editor but I think in the longer run the effort is well worth it.


That’s a great idea. :brain: :bulb:
I hadn’t thought of looking at docs locally.

I use VS Code now and like it a lot. :heart_eyes:

Thank you!


@benlove Can you point me to the direction, where I can find docs to setup a tags file and make it work in VS code. I tried generating a tags file using “jaydenlin.ctags-support” plugin from VS code and also changed the workspace settings to include the path of the file, but when I search for a tag using ctrl+t I get nothing.
Please help!