Dockerfile for the class

Does anyone have a dockerfile for the course setup? I have my own machine that I’d like to setup, having a self contained dockerfile is just easier than trying to get pytorch and the library working. If not, I can make one?


this one works: I am using this but you need to update the fastai version which will update the notebook server which will break the config.


  1. Get the image
  2. Start it pip update fastai
  3. edit the file /root/.jupyter/ and make sure c.NotebookApp.allow_remote_access = True is in there
  4. restart box
  5. should be good to go

I did have one before but it had an error that I hadn’t been able to diagnose yet you can check it out here if it helps. If there is demand I’ll try and fix it: the main thing ?issues? with the floydhub one doesn’t use conda and it runs everything under root

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Have you tried using this docker file on Kaggle?

I have one ready. I was planning to create a wiky post, once I stop adding modifications to it, which will probably be today, so I’ll create a separate topic for it today or tomorrow.


@liberus ,have you posted this wiki yet ?

Unfortunately no, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do at my work. Sorry for unfulfilled promise :(.
I’ll try to to do that as soon as possible, so at worst case it will be ready during weekends.

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As promised, here is the topic:

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