Doc function in Google Colab

Hi friends
just watched the vid 1 of 2019 v3, awesome as usual,
one of my favourite things is the Doc function Jeremy explained, I want to use it extensively.
Issue is:
I run all my code either in Google Colab or Kaggle.
So far I tried in Google Colab and the Doc function is doing nothing there:

any hints of how to make the doc function work in google colab?
thank u :wink:

Already answered here. Colab isn’t running a real jupyter notebook environment, so this won’t work there (and we have no way to make it work as far as we can tell).


Thank you sgugger, got you,
will try in Kaggle to see if it works there,

Pls let us know if you get it to work on Kaggle

Hey Michael, I tried but unfortunately it’s not working in Kaggle for me either so far

Thanks, Javier!

I am comparing Colab and Kaggle to run a local meetup and I bumped in the same doc() issue.
It’s a pity because in terms of performance and stability Colab is better, as far as I’ve seen till now.
In Kaggle doc() is working fine for me.

I’m keeping my notes in a github repo, here

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