Do no harm by doing positive deeds

2020 was the year where fake news and misinformation become mainstream. Unfortunately, I have read many highly polarized articles about mistrusting AI on social media and the mainstream news channels. These fears are misplaced, misinform, and designed to fracture our society.

Do nothing is not the same as do no harm. Therefore, we can’t opt-out and do nothing, so I take baby steps. The notebooks are not about large-scale omnipotent AI. They demystify AI by showing the mundane problems facing AI scientists in a real-world project. It is like demystifying crabs-fishermen by watching the TV series “Deadliest Catch.”

“Do no harm by doing positive deeds” is the foundation reason why I write and share the demystify AI series. The articles are for having fun sharing concepts and code with colleagues and AI students, but more than that. It is a peek into the daily workaday problems of AI scientists.

I hope you enjoy reading it, sharing it with your network friends, and giving it a thumb-up. The latest notebook, “Augmentation Data Deep Dive,” is on LinkedIn and Github.

Have an adventurous 2021.

Hot off the press,