Do I need gpu for lesson1, I'm using docker


I’m getting kernel is dying when trying to use docker +cpu,

Do I need to have gpu in lesson1?

Lacking information, I’ll tell you when I get this kind of issue.
Usually, my kernel dies when I run out of RAM.
Could happen while making transformations on my dataframe or during the fit.
For Pandas, I implement the difference advices available here :
If it happens during fit, probably need to reduce the batch size.

I ran the sample via the docker image running in my mbp (default docker settings as in the Docker file) and it finished successfully. I did change my batch size to 1 and I think it runs it against the sample set by default.

I haven’t tried running the full data set as that would be too much for a virtual machine running against a CPU only.

Thank you!
changed batch size to 1 and it runs