DL revolutionizing industry case studies

Hey everyone,

I got invited to give a presentation on ML applications in the industry and the new wave of automation to a group of industry official in Eastern Europe. The audience is very much non tech savvy and very much not exposed to ML/DL. I was wondering if you have any feedback on ML applications in industry and business you’d like to share. Either project’s you’ve worked on or have been exposed to in some form or another (including kaggle competitions). Any feedback would be valuable as I feel like this is a great opportunity to highlight the importance of the new tools and methods that DL could enable and at least somewhat narrow the gap between engineers and business managers. Here’s a little bit more background on the event:



Two investors put together a slide deck at stateof.ai that includes a section on uses of ML in industry with lots of examples of ML making an impact. Best of luck with your presentation.


Thanks a lot, that’s very helpful.

Hi, I suggest you to watch the ML course videos of Jeremy. He talked about it clearly based on his own experience in industry. Here is the link to the exact part of the course:

Thanks Ismael, I went over the ML course videos a while ago, probably a good idea to do a refresher and I also remember the Part 1 DL had a good explanation on AI ethics in the last video as far as a I remember.