DL for geo/rocks/subsurface - Hackathon

Dear all,

Does anyone have experience with DL applied to geo/rocks/subsurface research?

I’ve started following following the course because I want to understand where DL could play a part in my research or related fields. I am a Geophysicist.

I’m based in Zürich, Switzerland but I will be I’m co-organizing a Hackathon in London on June 1&2: www.londonhack2019.com If you happen to be in London around that time and want to propose a geo-DL project, don’t hesitate to ask moore.

Thank you.

Have you come across these?

Kaggle TGS salt classification challenge


I have no idea why some of my links above get turned into (distracting and not useful) banner images and the bottom one (nicely) doesn’t.

Hi Adrian, thanks for your reply.

Yes, I was aware of most of these material. I know Lukas, the SEG repo, and the EAGE hackathon. I was hoping to find some user/student of the fast.ai course that played with geo-data for DL.