Displaying videos in nbdev

I am using nbdev to write a Python package that deals primarily with video and audio data. Is there a way to display these in the documentation? I don’t need them to be playable, but just need them to be displayed. For example, my notebook looks like this:

however, my documentation looks like this:

Any help would be appreciated

Is your video located in your nbdev repo?

Yes it is. Also another question, if I want to export a cell to my module, but hide it from my documentation, how do I do that?

#export does not work

You want exporti

Oh didn’t read the documentation properly thanks. Any idea about the video preview? It exists in the GitHub repo

@muellerzr any idea about this?
IPython.display.Audio displays the audio correctly but IPython.display.Video doesn’t. The video is in the same repo just like the audio files and I am able to display the video locally