Discuss Deep Learning HomeWork and Class Lecture on Weekday Evening/Weekend

Hello All,

I have registed in the Deep Learning Part 1 started on Oct 30, 2017. I want to know if anyone is interested in meeting after 5 pm on weekday or on weekend to discuss the lecture/project etc. We can plan to meet at the USF campus.



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Possibly! I work closeby anyways.

Would prefer T/W/Th or Sunday night.

I keep hearing about this part 1 starting on oct 30th but don’t see any public thread; (maybe I didn’t look hard enough). Is the registration for the MOOC invite only? How do I enroll in this, any pointers?

Nevermind! I found this thread (Join us in person in October for part 1! (SF)) , and it appears it’s not a new version of the MOOC, just an offering at USF with some remote participants. Not sure if there any plans to make the lecture videos available though.

Yes it’ll be a new MOOC early in 2018.

Jeremy, is it possible to late join this course? I have messaged Rachel, but she seems to have her e-mail on auto-leave responder.

Ahh, woops. Should have replied directly here.

No it’s not.

Do you mean the downtown campus? If so, I am interested.

Yes let us plan to meet at downtown SF campus sometime on Sunday. That gives us enough background to discuss the problems etc. Please let me know what you guys think.