Different size for item_tfms in every batch

Hi guys,

I am trying to run an experiment to check how the size of input could affect the training procedure at a batch level.

I have a fully convolutional neural network which is doing multi-class classification problem. I am grouping the images having similar aspect ratios in a batch and then what I want to do is

from all the samples in that batch
figure out the smallest image resolution (wmin, hmin)
resize all images to (wdash, hmin) [Where wdash is computed as per corresponding image's aspect ratio]
resize the batch to a square dimension of (hmin, hmin)

I want to check with this experiment the effect of aspect ratio and image resolution on training. *How can I build a dataloader which can allow me to apply custom item_tfms during every batch of an epoch?

Any suggestion is welcome and if there’s any research you’ve come across which talks about this, kindly let me know in the replies.

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Was able to do this with before_batch callback in dataloaders by defining a custom function as follows

class lowest_resize(ItemTransform):
    def encodes(self,samples, pad_idx=1, pad_fields=0, pad_first=False, backwards=False):
        widths = []
        # Figure out the minimum height
        for item in samples:
            ip, op = item
            _, _, w = ip.shape
        min_w = min(widths)
        # Define a resize function based on the minimum height
        rsz_func = Resize(min_w, method = ResizeMethod.Pad, pad_mode= PadMode.Zeros)
        # Using the resize method above, transform the images thus obtained into 
        # a small sample size and then collate them together
        final_samples = []
        for item in samples:
            ip_image, target_label = item
            # Here's where the transformation happens
            pilimage = to_image(ip_image)
            resized_image = rsz_func(pilimage)
            tensor_image = TensorImage(resized_image).unsqueeze(0).transpose(0,-1).squeeze(-1)
            final_samples.append((tensor_image, target_label))
        return final_samples
    def decodes(self, o):
        return o

Used this link as a template which is straight out of fastai source code

Thanks! :slight_smile: