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Would you like to help with implementing some of the needed tools and features of the fastai project? This thread is the place to find what needs to be done. It’s open to all users.

This sub-forum is for co-ordination of efforts around implementing various features - think wish-list, todos, ranging from “I have this great idea but don’t know how to implement it”, to “I know how to, but I have no time, but I will guide you through it”. You can request one, or you can volunteer to work on one. If you request something you either need to be the guiding coordinator or to find someone who will do that for you. This is so that the volunteer will have guidance and feedback on her work.

You don’t have to be a fastai developer to propose a new feature/tool - any user can do that. Just remember that if you do you need to coordinate that process or find someone else who will. We don’t want to create orphans.

If you volunteer to work on one of the projects, please be advised that it’s not guaranteed that the implementation will be accepted into the fastai library. If the request is made by one of the fastai developers, if the task has been completed, chances are very high that it will be accepted. If, however, the task has been requested by one of the users w/o first discussing with the core developers of whether it’s desired, it’s hard to tell whether the new feature will become part of the fastai library or not, so if in doubt please first check with Developer chat. You can also propose new experiments that you are excited to work on and co-ordinate or volunteer for the same. However, if these haven’t approved by the fastai team, these might not get introduced to the library later.

This is a wiki post so that any user can edit it. If you have general questions about dev projects please use this discussion thread.


  • If you add a new entry, first create a new thread in this sub-forum, where you describe the details of the job to be done, including knowledge prerequisites. Then add it to New Projects. Add your name as a coordinator, or find someone else who can perform that function. You can totally be your own coordinator if you know what you’re doing.

  • If you volunteer to implement the job, please put your name in the Volunteer column, and move the entry to Claimed Projects, and reply in the linked thread with optional questions, estimated timeline and any other details that you might find useful.

  • When the project is complete and both the volunteer and the coordinator/requester agree that it’s complete move the entry to Finished Projects. Usually that will also result in a PR, so include a link to the implementation PR.

Always remember to add @ before your username, so that’s easy to contact you. Though the communications should happen in the thread-specific to the project, so others could benefit from it.

New Projects

Added Date Volunteer Coordinator Short title+link to the thread PR Implementation link
ongoing multiple @sgugger Documentation improvements
2018-12-xx multiple ? Improving/Expanding Tests
2019-01-05 @ Benchmarking fastai
2019-02-25 @stas Shortest failing test sequence finder (coupled tests detector)
2019-03-05 @rishi_mrb @init_27 NLP Data Augmentation Experiments
2019-03-20 @ @ Expand Recorder to deal with non int/float data

Claimed Projects

Finished Projects

Added Date Volunteer Coordinator Short title+link to the thread PR Implementation link
2018-11-09 @gokkulnath @stas Automate hub installation PR
2019-01-01 @Benudek, @ashaw @stas Test Registry project mulitple PRs
2018-11-09 @devforfu @stas Port fastai-make-pr-branch from bash to python devforfu/fastai/fastai-make-pr-branch-to-python

Many thanks to @stas for this initiative! :slight_smile: