Detecting cats and dogs in an image

in the first couple of lessons in the dl1 course,we created an image classifier that could classify cats and dogs. i was wondering how we can , based on that particular image classifier we created,make a model that detects all the cats and dogs in an image and puts bounding boxes around them(if they exist ofc).

Hello Mohamed,

you should keep on watching the videos to find out. In lesson 3 you’ll learn about multi-label classification, which will allow you to recognize both dogs and cats in the same image. In part 2 of the course, you’ll learn how to do object detection, in order to draw bounding boxes around the detected objects.


yes i’ve seen that in part two jeremy tackles object detection,but i kinda am in a bit of a hurry.i am going to watch all of part one and two eventually,but i really need some quick tips on how it’s done (it’s for a school project)