Dehazing satellite imagary [ help with building a c / c++ package needed ]

Does any one know of a fast implementation of a dehazing algorithm that could be applied to satellite images?

There is this implementation in python (this is the algorithm that I would like to ideally use but it is extremely slow.

I found several repositories thatimplement the CVPR paper of interest, among others
this one but I don’t know how to build the source code. Would anyone be so kind please and guide me through how I could build the code? Seems I could run the main executable on image of my choice by supplying the input and output names.

There is also this repository that looks very interesting (I should be able to pass file names to test.cpp by modifying the main function, but again no clue even where to start building the code).

Asked on Twitter for help, let’s see what happens :slight_smile: