DeepLearners paper reading Dec. 2nd Meetup

Time: December 2nd, 6PM
Location: 414 Brannan St


DRAW - RNN for image generation
Unsupervised learning with deep convolutional GANS


Is there a meetup page or similar for this, for those who aren’t familiar with it?

Do you guys take notes and post it somewhere to share your understanding ? ( especially for those who are joining this class remotely )

None of our members are expert in this. We are all learning this together. This is a beginner friendly meetup group.

We encourage people to come and ask questions. We believe in peer to peer learning through discussions. Sometimes, just knowing what questions to ask is a skill as well.

In fact, we have a discussion leader that will make a presentation about theses papers beforehand. But you are encouraged to try to read those papers before coming.

At this time, all we have is a meetup slack channel - you are welcome to join our discussion there - we share a lot of useful resources.

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That link is probably pointing to nothing yet. Did you mean to put slack channel link ?

Hi! Updated:

That sounds terrific! So anyone is welcome to come? Do they need to let you know first?

(As @asawant mentioned, that Slack link appears to be down at the moment)

Anyone is welcome to join! That’s the spirit. They don’t need to let me know first - when you reach the event venue just pin the door, or call me - 734834789, or message the slack group. I will come to let you in.

We have been running this since June. And people come with different experience levels. I started this not knowing anything about deep learning and was struggling to read papers. I realized that it’s much more fun to read papers with people since different people understand different parts and maybe by joining forces we can have a more complete understanding of them.

There’s no dumb questions! Please ask questions if you don’t understand something. You are providing a chance for the explainer to reinforce the concept in his/her head and also helping yourself pinpoint where the understanding breaksdown.

Updated slack channel:


This is great !! Thanks for the invite to Slack. Wish I could join in person. Are you all based in SFO ?

I am based in San Francisco. Most of our members are based in the Bay Area. Some drive up to the city from South Bay. :slight_smile:

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