Deep neural networks Kaggle team

UPDATE: New link to join

Hi everyone,

I created a slack to allow anyone interested on working with deep networks and Kaggle to chat in the same channels. About 15 people from different MOOCs wanted to join so far.

Once you’re on slack, please introduce yourselves.

The next step is then to try to get each of us into the top 50% ranking of the current Dogs v Cats competition using the steps and video presented here here:

Note that you do not need to use AWS. You can do a local install as described here:

I think that once everyone is comfortable with submitting a neural network solution on Kaggle as described in Lesson 1 we can start working together on a common solution for the competition that interests the most people.

Thanks a lot and have a great day, Maxime


Thanks for setting this up. I just joined.

hi, i didn’t see this in time and the link is expired, can you send a new one?

Hi Daniel,

Let me know it that new link works:

Thanks, Maxime

@Maxime what approach are you using to organize slack invites via Heroku? Looks like something we’d find useful too!

@jeremy It looks like he is using this simple app to allow people to add themselves to the chat. wrote it for the Digital Nomads Slack.