Deep Learning Study Group - San Francisco, Tuesdays 6-9pm

Join the fastai Deep Learning Study Group - SF!

This study group will be held every week!
Bring your laptop and work on your project or review lectures in a helpful and supportive environment :smiley: Many people who attend are using the fastai library on top of PyTorch to build models.

When: Weekly on Tuesdays, January 8 - April 16, 2019, 6-9pm
Where: USF Downtown campus, 101 Howard St, room 157 (or 154, ask security)

Please sign up through the PyLadies MeetUp event page.
PyGents & PyPeople of all identities are all welcome to join:

This group is for intermediate level coders.
Deep Learning newcomers are welcome: we strongly recommend that you watch at least 3 Deep Learning course videos ( and think about projects you are interested in before you ask questions of people who have been studying course materials for months. ( is a great place for project ideas!)

Our room holds 40 people, so sign up early!

We are looking for a dinner sponsor - if your company is interested, please get in touch.


@deena-b will the weekly study group focus on the online courses, or is this for people registered for one of the USF classes?

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@rsturley You do NOT have to be currently registered for a course to join this study group.

The main aim of this study group is to bring people together who are working with similar tools. When we work alongside others we can learn faster! You can also mull something over out loud and there will be people who are interested in your problem because they are likely to experience a similar issue.


@deena-b thanks for organizing the group, I was glad to meet everyone, today was fun and helpful :wink:

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