Deep Learning IndabaX - Machine Learning in Africa

Hi everyone,

I recently helped organize a deep learning conference in Cape Town, South Africa and I owe a big gratitude to @jeremy and @rachel and the rest of the team and community for helping me learn and get excited about deep learning.

My talk is in the playlist but there were some incredible speakers (I’d especially recommend Stuart Reid’s talk on applying deep learning to timeseries - he works for a very successful and secretive hedge fund that runs over 1200 deep learning models in production).

This was a sort of locally run conference that came about following the success of the Deep Learning Indaba last November where researchers from Deep Mind and FAIR and a bunch of other amazing places came to teach a summer school in Johannesburg. There will be another “main” Deep Learning Indaba (with Jeff Dean and Nando De Freitas and a bunch of other great speakers) in September (applications are closed but I’m hoping I can lobby Jeremy and Rachel to take a trip to South Africa). More info here: