Deep Learning Community Involvement

Howdy Folks!

I am brand new to, well, most things right about now, but I am looking to change that!

I have a Mechanical Engineering background, but fell in love with AI/ML and Data Analytics years ago. However, I never really had the chance to practice it (until now). I went through the first half of the 2022 course and feel I have reasonable grasp of the concepts taught but a mediocre understanding of their implementation. I have been prototyping with the notebooks and doing Kaggle competitions to try and reinforce the lessons when possible.

My issue is that I have been doing this all solo, and being that my background is in Mechanical Engineering not Software, some of the concepts have been slow to process for me. I was wondering if there are well-known or less-well-known AI/ML or DA community meetups, discords, slack channels, networking opportunities, conferences etc that I could join? I find I learn things far quicker when I have community/colleagues that I could lean into for questions, or listen to them explain their work.



fastai has a Discord server:

There’s also a newly launched server by some folks in this community (Hamel, Zach) called Makerspace: Data Tools: Makerspace: Data Tools

And then Twitter is a good place to stay in the know of what’s happening and to share yourself.

thank you!